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is composed of 3 PDF format programs (23 weeks in total) focused on the weightlifting STRENGTH training: 

DEADLIFT CYCLE (12 weeks) - $39

PULL & SQUAT CYCLE (6 weeks) - $39

LEGS STRENGTH (5 weeks) - $39

TOTAL: 117$ Special price 69$ (save 41%)

What you get:
- 23 weeks of programming in PDF format done by Oleksiy Torokhtiy;
- Focus on the weightlifting STRENGTH training;
- Programming of auxiliary exercises to improve positioning;
- Technique drills and accessory work;
- Strength cycles for the legs and back muscles improvement;
- Full preparation for off season and base strength stage.


The strength program consists of 12 weeks and includes various DEADLIFTs and assistance DEADLIFT exercises. DEADLIFT CYCLE program suits well athletes who want to improve strength in DEADLIFT (develop the strength of their back and legs muscles). This program is perfect for weightlifters and strength athletes in the off-season, as it will provide a powerful and fundamental basis for subsequent progression.

This strength training routine is good for athletes who want to improve strength in DEADLIFT (develop the strength of their back and legs muscles). It includes a sufficient amount of accessory exercises for SNATCH and CLEAN&JERK, and one day for SNATCH and CLEAN&JERK are planned. Since the intensity in these exercises is low, they will not reduce the efficiency of training in DEADLIFT, but warm up the muscles, train the muscle memory and help to work out single technical elements.

The 12-week strength training program can be divided into 3 periods:

General preparation period (week 1-4): 5 training sessions per week are planned (3 basic and 2 reloading-recovery). The main load will be in the basic exercises such as DEADLIFT, Deficit DEADLIFT, Front SQUATS and Back SQUATS.

Special preparation period (week 5-8): 5 training sessions per week (3 main and 2 reloading-recovery) are planned. Intensity of work will be increased greatly. Deficit DEADLIFT is replaced by BLOCK DEADLIFT– working on a shorter amplitude lets lifting heavier weights and prepare the athlete for new results.

Competition period (week 9-12): the main task of this period is the athlete's preparation for new results. Week 9 is the peak for loads in deadlifts and squats (95-100%). The next 3 weeks are tapering and recovery. Loads in weightlifting exercises also decrease and are of a technical nature, there are more days of rest.

This power workout plan is perfect for weightlifters and strength athletes in the off-season, as it will provide a powerful and fundamental basis for subsequent progression.

Training Programs are Non-Refundable. 

This 6-week power training program is made to improve your results in the the SQUAT and PULL exercises, which will be needed for building a new PR in the Snatch and C&J.
6-week program (30 sessions included)
created to improve Squat & Pull strength

volume: High

intensity: Average

good for weightlifters and functional fitness athletes

PDF format (Desktop and mobile version)

FREE video lab access


PULL & SQUAT CYCLE is built on the basis of a methodical approach whose goal is the integrated development of the athlete’s leg and back muscles strength achieved by pulls and squats.
The program consists of 6 weekly training microcycles with 5 workouts per week. Majority of the work focuses on pulls and squats, but Snatch and C&J are also used to activate “the feel” of the muscles during those moves and working in a more dynamic mode. The volume is HIGH, the intensity is AVERAGE.
We recommend this program for men and women during the off-season or as the base strength stage before beginning the main preparation for a competition.

DURATION: 6 weeks (30 sessions)
GOAL: To improve Squat & Pull strength
GOOD FOR: Weightlifters and functional fitness athletes, intermediate and above
PERIOD: Base / Off-season
FORMAT: PDF (Desktop and mobile version)
BONUS: FREE video library access

NOTE: For personal use only.
NOTE: Training Programs are Non-Refundable.

This program is a 5-week mesocycle created for weightlifters of intermediate and advanced level of preparation, in order to develop the explosive power and absolute strength of leg muscles in weightlifting and other sports. The “LEG STRENGTH” program has a quite a high level of complexity and intensity. Because of this a basic level of strength preparation is required.

The structure of the training load includes a small amount of SNATCH and CLEAN&JERK exercises weekly, and a SNATCH and CLEAN&JERK workout for muscle memory training.

Recommended for weightlifters during mid-season or before the beginning of competition preparation.

We have prepared a video library of all exercises in the program, available here.

*For personal use only

Training Programs are Non-Refundable. 


✔ Barbell

✔ Bumper Plates

✔ Squat Rack


✔ GHD (optional)

✔ Rubber bands

✔ Blocks (or you can use weightlifting plates)

✔ Plyometric Box (recommended/approx. 20-24 Inch)

✔ Straps

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