Deadlift Strength + Full Squat Mobility

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Enrico Marzapani


Good for Deadlift but...

Since I haven't use the entire program since I bought it, the reviews are limited, but there are some improvements to.

First of all, I feel confused because other auxiliary movements are more emphasized in many colors rather than the "Deadlift", which is the main movement. I think it would be much better to improve the visual design.

And I've bought and applied almost all of Torokhtiy's programs for a long time, but it would be nice to have a more comprehensive program that can harmonize the main weightlifting exercise and auxiliary exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and presses. (for who wanna train like Elite Player but only have time to train at once a day; like Male 2.0 or Master Diesel and other variation version)

Most of your programs, such as Leg Killer and Deadlift 2.0, have squats and deadlifts separated from each other, and the Press must be added on its own. If do these all at one time, the volume is too large and making it difficult to apply it as it is.
That's the reason why many amateurs who can only train up to two hours a day want some all-in-one programs.

George Stanich
Dad left Strength program

In my opinion, it’s the upmost professionally done. It’s obvious that you’re perfect but the way you present is also perfect keep up the good work.
Coach George