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is composed of 6 basic programs which will help you to plan your training process effectively:

MALE TRAINING PROGRAM (12 weeks) - 29$

LEGS STRENGTH (5 weeks) - 29$

DEADLIFT CYCLE (12 weeks) - 29$

MUSCLE GAIN (4 weeks) - 29$

SPEED CYCLE (5 weeks) - 29$

PULL & SQUAT CYCLE (6 weeks) - 29$

TOTAL: 174$ Special price 119$ (save 55$)

What you get:

- 42 weeks of programming done by Oleksiy Torokhtiy;
- Focus on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk;
- Programming of auxiliary exercises to improve positioning;
- Technique drills and accessory work;
- Strength cycles for the legs and back muscles improvement;
- Full preparation for competitions with reaching the peak at the right time. 


Some options for how to combine these programs: 

Option #1 – Preparation for the competition. 
Goal: strength and result increasing.
1. Squat & Pull Cycle
2. Male Program

Option #2 – Preparation for the competition. 
Goal: Legs or deadlift strength and result increasing.
1. Legs Strength or Deadlift Cycle
2. Male Program 

Option #3 – Preparation for the competition. 
Goal: strength, muscle gain and result increasing.
1. Muscle Gain
2. Male Program

Option #4 – Off season. 
Goal: explosive training.
1. Speed Cycle
2. Legs Strength
3. Speed Cycle

Option #5 – Off season.
Goal: long-term strength and explosive training.
1. Speed Cycle
2. Legs Strength
3. Speed Cycle
4. Male Program

NOTE: plan 7-10 recovery days between the training programs

Full description of each program:

The 12-week training program consists of 3 mesocycles (4 weeks each). This program is designed for a full comprehensive preparation for Olympic weightlifting competitions. Certain goals and tasks are set for each period in order to bring the athlete up to the peak of their preparedness for the competition, step-by-step.


The main objectives are improving the general and supporting physical development of athletes, increasing the functional systems’ capacity, various technique drills, and working out the elements and phases of competition exercises.


This period is intended to provide a high level of preparedness for competition activity by increasing the amount of special preparatory and competition exercises. The training program is focused on the development of power-speed skills, coordination, and special endurance, building on the foundation created during the previous period. More attention is paid to working out the competition technique.


The main task here is to maintain and improve the level of special preparedness. Plenty of single high-intensity reps in SNATCH and CLEAN&JERK together with gradually reduced volume in other special exercises helps to bring the athlete to their peak for competition day.


· Intermediate and advanced weightlifters.

· Athletes who want to increase explosive strength and develop Olympic weightlifting technique.

*For personal use only


12 weeks (60 workouts)
For (level)
Intermediate and Advanced
In addition
Detailed description of each training period

Training Programs are Non-Refundable. 

The program consists of 12 weeks and includes various DEADLIFTs and assistance DEADLIFT exercises. DEADLIFT CYCLE program suits well athletes who want to improve strength in DEADLIFT (develop the strength of their back and legs muscles). This program is perfect for weightlifters and strength athletes in the off-season, as it will provide a powerful and fundamental basis for subsequent progression.

This program is good for athletes who want to improve strength in DEADLIFT (develop the strength of their back and legs muscles). It includes a sufficient amount of accessory exercises for SNATCH and CLEAN&JERK, and one day for SNATCH and CLEAN&JERK are planned. Since the intensity in these exercises is low, they will not reduce the efficiency of training in DEADLIFT, but warm up the muscles, train the muscle memory and help to work out single technical elements.

The 12-week training cycle can be divided into 3 periods:

General preparation period (week 1-4): 5 training sessions per week are planned (3 basic and 2 reloading-recovery). The main load will be in the basic exercises such as DEADLIFT, Deficit DEADLIFT, Front SQUATS and Back SQUATS.

Special preparation period (week 5-8): 5 training sessions per week (3 main and 2 reloading-recovery) are planned. Intensity of work will be increased greatly. Deficit DEADLIFT is replaced by BLOCK DEADLIFT– working on a shorter amplitude lets lifting heavier weights and prepare the athlete for new results.

Competition period (week 9-12): the main task of this period is the athlete's preparation for new results. Week 9 is the peak for loads in deadlifts and squats (95-100%). The next 3 weeks are tapering and recovery. Loads in weightlifting exercises also decrease and are of a technical nature, there are more days of rest.

This program is perfect for weightlifters and strength athletes in the off-season, as it will provide a powerful and fundamental basis for subsequent progression.

This program is a 5-week mesocycle created for weightlifters of intermediate and advanced level of preparation, in order to develop the explosive power and absolute strength of leg muscles in weightlifting and other sports. The “LEG STRENGTH” program has a quite a high level of complexity and intensity. Because of this a basic level of strength preparation is required.

The structure of the training load includes a small amount of SNATCH and CLEAN&JERK exercises weekly, and a SNATCH and CLEAN&JERK workout for muscle memory training.

Recommended for weightlifters during mid-season or before the beginning of competition preparation.

We have prepared a video library of all exercises in the program, available here.

*For personal use only

4-week weightlifting training program, aimed at building muscle mass.

Training level: intermediate and higher

4 week program (20 sessions included)

provide neuromuscular adaptation
good for weightlifters and functional fitness athletes in the off season
special offer for NUTRITION PROGRAM
FREE video lab access

The training program consists of 4 weekly microcycles, which I recommend doing twice. Each weekly microcycle consists of 5 training days: 4 main days and 1 recovery day. On the recovery day, any kind of low-intensity cardio workouts (rowing, biking, jogging) and a complete high quality stretching regiment are recommended.

The program contains a significant number of special weightlifting exercises aimed at power construction, as well as the technical elements developing together with the improving of the overall performance. The training workload is high, the intensity is average.

The main task is to build muscle mass, mainly due to accessory exercises. The programs effectiveness largely depends on the athlete’s responsibility when it comes to training process, sleep, nutrition and recovery.

I recommend you to try the NUTRITION GAIN program in order to facilitate the gaining process. If you purchase the training and nutrition programs together, you will receive a special price offer.


- intermediate and advanced lifters;

- functional fitness athletes or other athletes who want to gain muscle mass, develop strength and olympic lifting technique;

- off season athletic development.

*For personal use only.


Training Programs are Non-Refundable. 

Training level: intermediate and higher

5-week program (25 sessions included)
created to develop SPEED in SNATCH and C&J

provide neuromuscular adaptation

increase coordination and explosive skills

good for weightlifters and functional fitness athletes

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FREE video lab access

Everyone knows that strength and speed are competing qualities: if you become stronger - you become slower.
That's why in weightlifting, balance between these two qualities is important when training.
Experience and analytics give an opportunity to see and understand the main problems and limiting factors of athletes progress.
There are 2 problems:
emphasis on the development of strength and total disregard for the development of specific mobility
The result is a feeling of having power in reserve, but being an able to apply it appropriately both during acceleration and fixation of the bar.
During the development of the SPEED TRAINING PROGRAM, I focused on increasing speed, by including speed-strength exercises, as well as special exercises for developing balance, improving coordination, and increasing stability in a deep squat.
The program consists of 5 weeks and 5 sessions per week. The main task of the program is to increase the general power of the athlete, utilizing specific technical elements for speed improvement. One day of each week is devoted to technical work. The volume of reps and sets is HIGH, however the intensity is MEDIUM. For the purpose of mastering speed, I have excluded heavy lifts (90% or more) from the cycles.

Intermediate and advanced lifters;
Functional fitness athletes or other athletes who want to develop speed in Olympic lifts;
Off Season athletic development.

Duration 5 weeks (25 workouts)
Designed for MALE / FEMALE (Intermediate and advanced)
PDF format + Video Lab access
English language format

This 6-week weightlifting program is made to improve your results in the the SQUAT and PULL exercises, which will be needed for building a new PR in the Snatch and C&J.

6-week program (30 sessions included)
created to improve Pull & Squat   strength

volume: High

intensity: Average

good for weightlifters and functional fitness athletes

PDF format (Desktop and mobile version)

FREE video lab access


PULL & SQUAT CYCLE is built on the basis of a methodical approach whose goal is the integrated development of the athlete’s leg and back muscles strength achieved by pulls and squats.
The program consists of 6 weekly training microcycles with 5 workouts per week. Majority of the work focuses on pulls and squats, but Snatch and C&J are also used to activate “the feel” of the muscles during those moves and working in a more dynamic mode. The volume is HIGH, the intensity is AVERAGE.
We recommend this program for men and women during the off-season or as the base strength stage before beginning the main preparation for a competition.


✔ Barbell

✔ Bumper Plates

✔ Squat Rack


✔ GHD (optional)

✔ Rubber bands

✔ Blocks (or you can use weightlifting plates)

✔ Plyometric Box (recommended/approx. 20-24 Inch)

✔ Straps

DURATION: 6 weeks (30 sessions)
GOAL: To improve Squat & Pull strength
GOOD FOR: Weightlifters and functional fitness athletes, intermediate and above
PERIOD: Base / Off-season
FORMAT: PDF (Desktop and mobile version)
BONUS: FREE video library access

NOTE: For personal use only.
NOTE: Training Programs are Non-Refundable.



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