Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar Review

Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar in the gym
Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar handle
Man doing an exercise Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar
Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar in the gym
Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar handle
Man doing an exercise Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar

Expert Score - 57.5 / 60

Today, in our repertoire, we are taking a closer look at Rogue MG-1 Multi GripBar. Multi-grip barbells, or Swiss/football barbells as they are commonly called, are designed to relieve stress from your shoulders while doing specific exercises such as bench presses, rows, curls, overhead presses, front squats, and tricep extensions.

The question is, "Is this multi-grip bar just another barbell?" or does it somehow stand out from the crowd?
I've used this particular one a lot recently and have a few things to say about it.

So make yourself an espresso because this will be a quick one!
Manufacturer: Rogue
Made in: USA
Price: $$$$$

Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar: Product Summary

Rogue was established in the States at the turn of the new millennium in 2006. And while they started off somewhat small, today, they are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of strength and conditioning equipment. If you walk into a gym and talk to people, the word ‘ROGUE’ will be perceived as a synonym for quality and premium gym equipment worldwide. Rogue Fitness must’ve been doing something right if they reached this status.

Does that automatically mean that their MG-1 Multi Grip Bar is a fantastic piece of equipment? Well, no. You have to think about how many types of equipment are under the brand name ROGUE, and even if you are amazing, you still win some, and you still lose some. Let’s check if this bar is a loser or a winner.

Purpose: Bench press, floor press, lockouts, JM press, shoulder press, and more while relieving the stress of shoulders

Bar Weight: 39 lb

Length: 82’’

Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI

Yield Strength: n/a

Weight Limit: 1900 lb

Knurl Type: Medium diamond knurl

Center Knurl: Each grip handle is fully knurled without knurl marks (requires special collars because of the 48.5mm sleeve diameter)

Knurl Marks: No Knurl Marks

Shaft Finish: Powder-Coated Black

Shaft Diameter: 48.5mm

Sleeve Finish: Powder-Coated Black

Sleeve Type: Fixed sleeves (requires you to purchase new specialty clamps)

Sleeve Length: 14’’

Rotation System: No rotation

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

To begin, this beast has several potential uses in the gym. The workout routine includes everything from bench lifts and rows to hammer curls. Its adaptability is remarkable and frees you to devise novel exercise routines. So don't think ‘barbell' when you look at a multi-gripper, don’t think ‘barbell’. Instead, think ‘3in1 barbell’. You can go even further with this one, 4in1, 5in1, etc. A Swiss bar is truly the jack of all trades when it comes to barbells.

When it comes to Rogue equipment, they really do radiate that premium feel. And it is not just because of the name. The quality of Rogue-branded products is usually top-notch.

The full knurling on each grip handle provides a secure hold, and the tensile strength is through the roof. No more reps will be lost due to the bar falling out of your hands. If it's super loaded and falls, you could be losing more than just reps. The knurling really is aggressive enough to provide a super secure grip, but funnily enough, it doesn't come with that drawback of causing blisters. The guys that engineered this knurling pattern were either super lucky, or they did some serious research to get to that sweet spot.

Regarding its tensile strength and yield strength, I've put the heaviest plates I could find, and I've loaded it to full. And I buddy lift the thing with a forklift. IT didn't budge. So if you're looking to break some world records, I guess you could use this Swiss bar for that.

So, what about the price? It's a touch pricey, but it's worth every cent. Spending money on improving your physical health is a good use. I suppose not everyone could afford it because of the hefty price tag, but if you look at it this way - It is a long-term investment, and once it is yours, it will likely last you your lifetime. Then it is easier to look past that.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. Because of its size, it may not be suitable for cramped gyms. Although the knurling enhances grip, it may be uncomfortable at first.

But in the long run, it's a good investment if you can afford it. It's like investing in a luxury sedan at a fitness center. Workouts with the Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar 2.0 are unlike anything you've experienced. They feel solid. They feel nice, and they feel sturdy. If you don't own a multi grip bar, then I suggest you give it a go. And Rogue MG is the one I recommend.


  • High capacity to withstand heavy loads

  • Perfectly balanced, offering excellent grip without tearing up your hands

  • Its durability and versatility make it a worthy investment despite the higher price

Could be better:

  • Higher upfront cost compared to some alternatives

  • Might not fit all racks (check before buying)

It’s worth noting that there are four versions of this multi-grip barbell. There's the Rogue Mg-2 Multi Grip Bars(MG-24 & MG-23), Rogue Mg-3 Multi Grip Bar, and the Rogue Mg-4c Multi Grip Camber Bar. But here, in this review, I'll covered the Rogue Mg-1 Multi Grip Bar 2.0. Here are the other versions with a brief cover of their specs and features.

There are two variations of this version: MG-23 and MG-24. The HExagonal MG-23 is an adaptation of the original MG-1 Heavy Duty Multi-Grip Bar 2.0. The 23 has six 1.25" angled handles. This allows the athlete three grips: near for triceps, broad for pectorals. For curls or "elbows-in" bench presses, spin the Multi-Grip Bar 180 degrees.

Rogue MG-23 Multi Grip Bar

The rectangular MG-24 Bar has two extra handles at the same angle, with spacing possibilities at 6", 14", 22", and 30". It rotates for elbows-in, triceps-focused exercise like the MG-23. They also differ in bar weight (39lb/45lb) and loadable sleeve length (13.75"/14"). The bar length is 82" in both, and the shaft length is 52.75" in both. It comes with a matte black finish.

Rogue MG-24 Multi Grip Bar

The Rogue MG-3 Knurled Multi-Grip Bar has one pair of internal angled handles, two sets of vertical neutral-grip handles, and 14" of loadable sleeve length. The knurled handles, spaced at 10", 20", and 28.5", allow an athlete to switch from a closed grip for triceps to a broader grip for pectorals. The interior handles of the MG-3 Bar may be reversed 180 degrees (with the Rogue logo upside down) for curls or "elbows-in" bench presses. The bar weighs 43lb, is 82" long, and has a diameter of 31.75mm.

Rogue MG-3 Multi Grip Bar

Rogue's Multi-Grip Bars fit regular power racks and Olympic plates, unlike specific Swiss or football barbells. It comes with a matte black finish. This bar reduces wrist and shoulder tension during press motions and strengthens the triceps for stronger lockouts.

This multi-grip bar is unique because it is almost entirely customizable. The regular one comes with a matte black finish, or you can pay extra for a stainless steel version. The newest Rogue specialty multi-grip barbell has a 3.5" cambered frame. You may also purchase a Flat Frame and Narrow Camber separately. The patent-pending design incorporates rotating sleeves and lets you choose handle width (28.5mm, 32mm) and angle (straight to 20 degrees). Stainless steel handles cost extra.

Rogue MG-4C Multi Grip Bar

The MG-4C's friction welded sleeves, available with 9" or 15.5" loadable length, employ the same internal components as other standard Rogue barbells and revolve on stainless steel shafts like their power bars. The bar fits any Rogue power rack, squat stand, rig, or bench since the sleeves are 51.5".

All the above are great multi grip barbells with their own distinctive purposes, but my recommendation still stands firmly with the MG-1.

Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar: Features & Highlights

So it’s definitely a recommended piece of gym gear. But what about some specifics? I’ll go through all the main points that you should look out for when buying any barbell. Let's break down the Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar, feature by feature.

Steel Quality

The steel used to make the Rogue MG-1 Bar is the highest grade. It's like holding the Holy Grail of exercise tools. It's as sturdy as it gets.

Tensile Strength

The Hercules of barbells, this one has a tensile strength rating of nearly 190,000 PSI. Feel free to load it up.

Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar sizes


The MG-1's knurling is solid and confident, and you can feel the affects it has on grip. Much like the best handshake, without being overly pushy. You can hold on securely without appearing like you high-fived a porcupine.

Crushing Resistance

Simply put, if the MG-1 were a playable character in a video game, it would have infinite protection. Its crushing resistance is really impressive. It's great for those "beast mode" workouts since it can take a beating and yet keep on ticking.


As a versatile fitness tool, this bar is unparalleled. The MG-1 can do a wide variety of exercises, such as deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, triceps extensions, rows, and bicep curls. And you can do all of them without the extra strain on your shoulders, as per the barbell design. This one bar replaces your personal trainer, exercise partner, and your typical gym.

Value for Money

With the price of gym equipment going up due to several economic factors, the Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar is still an excellent purchase that will pay dividends in increased muscle mass and more enjoyment from your weightlifting sessions due to its longevity and adaptability. You may buy this high-quality piece of machinery without causing severe financial distress.

57.5Expert Score

Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar is an absolute monster. The high-quality steel, Hulk-like tensile strength, perfectly balanced knurling, and unparalleled crushing resistance make this an adaptable warrior ready for any challenge.

Steel Quality
Tensile Strength
Crushing Resistance
Value for Money
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Simply said, the Rogue MG-1 Multi Grip Bar is an absolute monster. The high-quality steel, Hulk-like tensile strength, perfectly balanced knurling, and unparalleled crushing resistance make this an adaptable warrior ready for any challenge. Although it may need a more considerable outlay of funds, its longevity and adaptability make it a worthwhile investment in your pursuit of physical health.

Should you spend your money on it? That gets an enthusiastic endorsement from me! It's like paying once to unlock endless exercise options. So, why are you still delaying? Take hold of the bar and start lifting!

Do you own this model? Or are you just planning to get it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Also, I’m eager to learn about how multi grip barbells have affected your gym life.


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