Nutrition for Men

Fixed Your Training Habits? Now Fix Your Diet With Your Men’s Nutrition Plan

Let’s admit it: guys tend to pay less attention to watching what they eat and instead focus on their exercise. Workout diet plans for men? Nah, I’m good.

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Often, they would swap pizza, burgers, and beer for turkey fillets and oatmeal and consider it a serious enough nutrition plan for men.

To be fair, this scheme seems to work fine for some at first. 

Experience, however, has shown time and time again that all athletes eventually realize they should plan their diet way more carefully. Many of them turn to seeking some nutritional wisdom and finally discover our meal plans for men

Nutrition, a male athlete eventually realizes, isn’t just about replenishing one’s energy reserves and supplying amino acids to the blood for muscle building. 

What you eat controls:

  • how fast you recover between training sessions,
  • how frequent and productive your training sessions are,
  • your hormonal status,
  • your mood and mental readiness for more complex exercises,
  • whether you sleep soundly (it’s during sleep that our muscles grow and the fat melts away),
  • your energy levels to handle your daily challenges.

We have enlisted the support of medical dietitians, and with our hardened weightlifting champion Oleksiy Torokhtiy’s help, we have created two types of workout diet plans for men: Muscle Gain and Weight Loss. We carefully put together both plans based on strict dietitian recommendations and Olympic weightlifters’ dietary habits. We decided to focus on individual goals of muscle gain and weight loss to better cater to your needs. We aim to do more than helping our TOROKHTIY GANG members look chiseled. We want you to be healthy! Which means commitment to regular exercising and, yes, adopting healthier eating habits.

Have you already decided which path and nutrition plan for men you will take? You will get detailed how-to instructions on changing your food intake patterns. Make sure to follow the plan for at least one month and, if you feel like sticking to it a bit longer, you can extend it by up to 2 more months.

Oh, and before you finalize your purchase, we would definitely recommend going through our training programs as well. Eating right combined with training right does wonders.

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