Jacek Szymanowski

Performance architect

M.Sc.Eng. Biotechnology

Specialist in Nutrition Coaching for Athletes, 

Metabolic Health and Dietary Strategies.

S&C movement specialist

Lifting experience: 20 years.

Best Results:

Squat - 200kg

Deadlift - 240kg

OH press - 100kg

About Jacek Szymanowski

Husband and father of two. Martial Artist. 

I dedicated my life to help athletes achieve their best performance and to learn and discover what human body is capable of in terms of strength and conditioning training. My experience includes working with athletes in the team environment, tactical athletes and private sector. I’ve been training with athletes at levels ranging from Youth Athletes to National Champions, European Champions, World Champions and Olympic medalist as well.

Areas of expertise:

 ✓ Sports Nutrition 

 ✓ Conditioning Development 

 ✓ Identifying and training Limiting Factors in Performance (Strength, Power, Endurance)

 ✓ Sports Injuries


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