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Michael Kelly


+30lbs in 6 weeks

Amazing program. Learned a lot about programming, proper warm ups and mobility for weightlifting. Added 30lbs to max in 6 weeks, injury free.
Bought 3 more programs for Black Friday haha
One think I wish there was more of in the program is technique/form content
Thank you Torokhtiy and team!

More than happy

I just finished this program and i'll be honest. I have been stuck with my power clean 1RM for one year. I bought this power clean program and wanted to try if this could help me to hit new record . Today was my last day from this 6week program and it is MAX OUT day. I didnt feel really strong today when i start to warm up for the MAX OUT and i was feeling that maybe today is not coming new record for my power clean. Then i just start to try, and first i hit 103% MAX then 105% MAX and i was confused and extremely happy and wanted to go and give a shot for more and i really hit 107% MAX today! So i cant be more happy now! This program worked more than i was expecting. Now i'm gonna make a rest week and after that i'm going to start ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE FOR SPORTS. I just cant wait to start that program. Thank you Oleksiy for giving me hope with this program and giving me that FIRE to hit more.

Wow, your review just made our day! Huge congratulations on smashing your power clean records—103%, 105%, and a whopping 107% MAX is beyond incredible!

Power Clean Training Program

The Power Clean training program is incredibly detailed and easy to follow. The program has helped me improve my powerlifting technique and gain significant strength. Oleksiy's experience as a champion and his guidance make it worth every penny. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about strength training! I also read your product reviews and other articles from your blog.

Hey there! Thanks for the kind words! At Torokhtiy, we're dedicated to doing our absolute best for athletes like you. So keep pushing forward and never give up!