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Great Results

This was a great cycle overall. Juuust a little boring in a couple of sessions (not that much diversity), but there aren't that many alternatives of exercises for squat and pulling strength. So all is OK from my end. I also documented the whole process on my ytb channel, so everybody can see my progress. At 38, I managed to hit new PR numbers in Front Squat, from 102.5kg to 115 kg, and in Back Squat from 125kg to 130kg. However, for Deadlift, I had to stop, because of a small knee inconvenience. I am guessing that I pushed too hard in the Squat session and I probably needed to focus only on Back Squat and leave the legs to rest a bit, then go further to Deadlift. Great 6-week training, I also shared my positive feedback on my channel. Now, some good ol' functional fitness for me, and in autumn, start another cycle from Torokhtiy. Thanks and keep up the good work. Keep on being active!

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Hey, Gabriel!

Thank you for a such detailed feedback! Happy that you achieved you PR's! Keep going, new BIG numbers are coming! We believe in you and will be here to help you with a new PR!

Team Torokhtiy

Kujath Jason

I'm a 50 year old and found this program beneficial in developing my explosiveness in the clean and snatch.Whether you can clean 30kg or 100kg this will help you in a personal best lift.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with our program! We're thrilled to hear that it has been beneficial for you, especially in developing your explosiveness in the clean and snatch. It's fantastic to see that age is not a barrier when it comes to achieving personal best lifts with our program.

Patrick Dexter

Really enjoyed the program. I started with a 140kg back squat, 120 front squat and 150 deadlift. After 5 weeks of the program my back squat was 190kg x3 , front squat 170kg x2 and deadlift 190kgx2

We're so happy to hear that you enjoyed the program and saw such great results! Keep up the good work!

Layne W.
Great Program

It didn't seem overwhelming but still hit a PR back squat after a 2 year plateau.