Leg Strength Program

Leg strength is a 5-week Olympic weightlifting training program  with the main emphasis on the development of leg muscles’ strength in Olympic weightlifting.
Ideal for:
✔ build strong legs for a NEW result in BACK and FRONT SQUAT;
✔  future progress in SNATCH and CLEAN & JERK.






The training program consists of 5 week which have specific goals and aims.

The training program consists of 5 week which have specific goals and aims.

Week 1 - Introductory

Total body preparation for the upcoming shocking strength loads.

Week 2 - Basic 

Big variation of exercises for leg and back muscles in order to create different kinds of stress.

Week 3 - Shocking

A big number of lifts is planned in 90-100% intensity zones. 

Week 4 - Shocking

The heaviest week of this cycle. Shocking loads in squats variations.

Week 5 - Tapering 

Still critical intensity in squats, but less volume in auxiliary exercises Olympic lifts.


Format: PDF E-book that never expires;

Program Duration: 5-week  program, 4 days per week;

✔ Type: Leg strength for Olympic Weightlifting;

✔ Main Goal: NEW result in BACK and FRONT SQUAT;

Exercise focus: Squat and pull variations;

Workout Duration: 45-100 minutes;

Training Level: Intermediate to Advanced;

Target Gender: male and female athletes.

What is the best way to choose the right Torokhtiy training program?

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You will be training 4 times a week. 

Most sessions include light style Olympic complexes for muscle memory support. 

Front and Back squats variations are two exercises which are primary movements to develop strength and muscles. 

Also we use a lot of exercises from deficit in this training plan. 


A training plan that suits your needs best will allow you to get closer to achieving your athletic goals. And the next step would be the choice of your eating schedule.

Our recommendation is to integrate LEGS STRENGTH training program with the new PERFORMANCE NUTRITION program.

PERFORMANCE NUTRITION plan tailors to your parameters such as your energy requirements, training load, and your recovery needs.




LEGS program


LEGS + Nutrition


5-week training plan 

3 sessions

Workout Tutorial Videos

Performance Nutrition

#LifeTime Access

Men's Maximum Performance Nutrition is selected by default. 

To get Women's Nutrition Program contact us via online chat on the page or via email - direct@torokhtiy.com



LEGS program


LEGS + Nutrition


5-week training plan

3 sessions

Workout Tutorial Videos

Performance Nutrition

#LifeTime Access

*Men's Maximum Performance Nutrition is selected by default. To get Women's Nutrition Program contact us via online chat on the page or via email - direct@torokhtiy.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Leonardo da silva correa
Leg killer

Muito bom programa, se seguir direitinho vai perceber que sua resistência e força vão aumentar, basta ter paciência e seguir o plano

Leg strength

The Programm is awesome and more then complete. I had more soreness from the auxiliary work in the posterior chain then in the quads itself. Great for core stability and with the light weightlifting sets you stay in the movements and mobility at any time. PR +15% in both FS and BS.

+30lbs PR

It is easy to find a squat program out there, but there isn't much option when you want to combine it with Olympic lifts. This leg strength program has a good balance between back squat, and front squat and make sure there are adequate amount of only lifts to maintain muscle memory. I use this as an opportunity to improve my technique since I am working with a lighter weight. 10/10 recommend.

Artur Shamsi
Very well composed!

Was very effective for my purposes, I repeated it several times.

Alex Uriegas

I am very happy with this cycle as I gained 30lbs on my back squat and 40lbs on my front squat. I started in January with the Deadlift cycle, then when I finished it I continued with the Pulls cycle and when I finished it I continued with the Leg Strength cycle. I finished it a week ago and this weekend I achieved the PR and I can't believe it. Thank you very much for making all these blocks available, next week I'll start with the whole OLY SET and I'm dying of desire.

Questions? Look Here!

Do I need to squat heavy every day? 

The answer is NO!  Full squatting can be unnecessarily fatiguing. Also, squatting may have limited carry-over into the snatch and clean & jerk without incorporating proper skill practice.

How frequently should I train?

This program is designed to be 4 days per week. We do not recommend training 4 days in a row. On your rest days, try to plan recovery activities, such as massages, or sauna.

What if I don't know what an exercise is?

We have video links embedded in the program for every exercise!

Can I combine it with other types of training?

We do not recommend combining this program with other high-intensity workouts. You can add, at your discretion, recovery activities to develop flexibility and mobility, as well as short (up to 30 minutes) low-intensity cardio work (walking, rowing, swimming). Be sure to plan one full day off in each weekly cycle. The program's effectiveness largely depends on your responsibility when it comes to the training process, sleep, nutrition, and recovery. Train smart, get enough rest.

Is it necessary to train in weightlifting shoes?

We highly recommend you wear weightlifting shoes, also known as Lifters. Whether you’re a functional fitness athlete or a weightlifter, you will find them beneficial.


What equipment do I need for the program?

What if I have more questions?


We are constantly updating our program LEGS STRENGTH to refine your weightlifting game. 

Here’s what’s new in the LEGS STRENGTH program:

NEW! Exercise Education Videos;

NEW! Pre and post-workout stretch;

NEW! Detailed activity specific warm-up;

NEW! Optimised load;

NEW! Easy to navigate design; 

NEW! Mobile-friendly format.