EMOM Weightlifting Program

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EMOM WEIGHTLIFTING is a 5-week training program consisting of 20 EMOM sessions (every minute on the minute) geared to increase:

🏆 barbell strength endurance 
🏆 power and technique
🏆 general physical preparation 
🏆 work capacity


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EMOM, or Every Minute On the Minute, is a ⏱️ training method where you perform a lift at the start of each minute and rest for the remaining time. 

EMOM, or Every Minute On the Minute, is a ⏱️ training method where you perform a lift at the start of each minute and rest for the remaining time. 

It offers several benefits for strength training:

Fatigue reduction during high-volume training; 

🧠 Mental focus and improved concentration;

💪 Maintenance of overall fitness levels;

⏰ Time efficiency in training sessions.

It offers several benefits for strength training:

Fatigue reduction during high-volume training; 

🧠 Mental focus and improved concentration;

💪 Maintenance of overall fitness levels;

⏰ Time efficiency in training sessions.



👉 5 weeks (20 unique sessions) 

👉 4 days / week (40-50 minutes per session)

👉 50+ specific exercises

👉 Primary focus on Olympic and accessory Lifts 

👉 Life-time access to all training content

👉 Workout Tutorial Videos


✅ Developing work capacity;

✅ Improve basic and Olympic lifting technique;

✅ Positive training adaptation;

✅ Enhance movement stability in classic Olympic lifts;

✅ Build strength endurance in squats, pulls, and presses;

✅ GPP development;

✅ Off-season and transition period activities;

✅ Take a break from classic Olympic lifting.

Time Efficient 

EMOMs are the most efficient ways to add high-quality training volume into your training.

Systematic Accountability

 With an EMOM you are forced to stay accountable and you will have no chance to rest longer.

Build Work Capacity

 EMOMs will train you to recover faster and work harder.

Highly Adaptable

 If you have a specific fitness goal in mind, an EMOM can be programmed to suit that goal.


You will be training 4 times a week. Each session consists of a general warmup, activation routine, main EMOM complex and accessory GPP exercises two-three movements, cycled through 5-10 complete cycles for a total of 10-20 minutes. 

You may run this program alongside a functional fitness or other training programs. 


✅ All level athletes who have experience in Olympic lifting;

✅ Typical Box / Gym / Garage Athletes;

✅ Weightlifters seeking a break from their usual routine;

✅ Progress tracking and improvement monitoring;

✅ Athletes with limited training time;

✅ Integration with other training or sports.


Weightlifting and Functional Fitness require more than just physical activity. 

A proper nutritional plan is crucial for achieving your training goals. Consider combining our EMOM program with our NEW PERFORMANCE NUTRITION plan. 

Our plan is tailored to meet the energy requirements, training loads, and recovery dynamics of athletes like you.




EMOM + Nutrition


 EMOM+ Nutrition+Online Consultation


5-week training plan

Workout Tutorial Videos

Mobile-friendly version

#LifeTime Access

Performance Nutrition

Supplements Manual

45 min Zoom Consultation

Personal Training Recommendations



EMOM + Nutrition


EMOM+ Nutrition+Online Consultation


5-week training plan

Workout Tutorial Videos

Mobile-friendly version

#LifeTime Access

Performance Nutrition

Supplements Manual

45 min Zoom Consultation

Personal Training Recommendations

*Men's Maximum Performance Nutrition is selected by default. 

To get Women's Nutrition Program contact us via online chat on the page or via email - direct@torokhtiy.com

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Tomasz Grabusiński



I’ve bought so many of his programs and I love every single one! You’ll never regret purchasing them. I’ve improved so much from all the programs


the result was the expected, in fact i'm glad to discover your programming. The volume its perfect and the feelings are awesome


It definitely is a keeper in my training programs! Felt great the whole time while doing it. I knew every workout would be tough, they were tough and I looked forward to every one!




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What are an EMOM workouts?

Barbell emom workouts challenge you to complete an exercise for a certain number of reps in less than 60 seconds. 

Does the emom workout program include warm ups?

YES – This program includes a specific warm up for every killer EMOM workout.

Are the workouts programmed at random?

Nope! Never random. We always have a plan and emphasis with every cycle. snatch emom and power clean emom are also inside the program. 


What equipment do I need for the emom training program?

What if I miss a Day of Training?

All good. Just start right back where you left off.  Just hop right back in where you left off and go from there.

What are the duration of the workouts?

This training program includes deadlift emom workouts with the following duration:

10 min EMOM

12 min EMOM

15 min EMOM

18 min EMOM

30 min EMOM (including warm up and post workout stretching)

40 min EMOM (including warm up and post workout stretching)

If I want to train only 3 times a week, is that okay ?

Yup! If you want to do a 3-day split by the emom barbell workouts, be sure to do Mon, Wed and Fri each week. 

What if I have more questions?


What's emom

EMOM training may be your new best buddy wherever you are on your fitness quest, from the gym to the convenience of your own home. 

This type of Interval training goes by the name "every minute on the minute", that is why - EMOM The goal is to finish a drill with a set number of repetitions within 60 seconds. The remainder of that minute is used to recover before starting the following set.

EMOM exercises fall under the category of (HIIT) high-intensity interval training, which involves alternating quick bouts of intense activity with rest periods of lower intensity.

You have one minute to do a number of repetitions of an activity during an emom workout program. Finishing reps before this minute is up is crucial for this kind of training.

After finishing your number of repetitions, take the remaining time to recover before starting the next minute of reps. This pattern is repeated throughout your workout. Less time will be available for rest the slower you go through your repetitions.

It's critical to remember to take time for recovery since it's so necessary. Your body will have a chance to recuperate & recharge before you start the following activity.

The advantage of EMOM training is that you can tailor the programming and create them pretty much anyway you wish. Depending on your fitness objectives, you may adjust the rounds, minutes, and reps. Exercises like EMOM are a fantastic kind of training that teach your body how to utilize oxygen effectively and speed up your metabolism. In order to increase power, speed, and endurance, EMOMs are extremely beneficial while preparing for a racing or other athletic event. There are numerous different "every minute on the minute" workouts, but the majority take between ten and thirty minutes.

It takes very little time and is highly intensive to structure a workout this way. You should be careful about maintaining proper form for each exercise due to limited time. Even though exercise takes longer and you have lesser seconds between each interval to recover, always perform every repeat thoroughly and accurately.

The ability to challenge and improve a variety of different elements of your fitness is one of the advantages of EMOM. The following skills may be programmed into them: coordination, endurance, strength and mental toughness.

Since EMOM workouts are timed, it is simple to monitor your progress. You may always check how long it took you to complete each rep to see whether your speed has improved.

Benefits of emom for weightlifting

For snatch and C&J, the main advantages of EMOM are technical consistency and overcoming mental barriers. The speedy tempo keeps the lifter`s head out of sand because it doesn't give enough chances to get it up there. Lifters are prevented from spending excessive amounts of time between sets thinking about the difficulty of the upcoming lift and their lack of skill and worth as athletes. A further advantage is its effectiveness. With emom training program, you may do a lot of quality sets with working weights in a short amount of time. Naturally, it will also condition you somewhat. From a health standpoint, you might not be interested in this, but from the perspective of a competitive weightlifter, it's wonderful to be prepared to perform numerous heavy snatch or C&J variations in a short period of time if athlete find himself at a competitions and discover that you need to warm up fast. 

Here is more benefits for weightlifters and functional athletes:

Tough session way faster

EMOMs are excellent for pushing lifters in whatever time frame they have from a managing time standpoint.

You decide when to rest

You choose how hard you move once the countdown starts in order to maximize your rest period. If 20 reps take you 30 seconds, you enjoy 30 sec of rest time. If it takes you 40–45 seconds, you barely have time to recover breathing before the next minute begins.

Effective approach

Actually, the purpose of the barbell emom is to motivate athletes to reserve more downtime. EMOMs will make you work harder if you spend too much time off throughout a workout. And this load form can be applied for different sessions. 

Burns a lot of calories

Muscles utilize more oxygen when rest periods are limited, which increases caloric expenditure. Therefore, throughout an EMOM, musculature will continue to contract, resulting in a five-calorie burn for every liter of oxygen that the body uses to fuel muscular contractions.

Can help lose weight

In keeping with this theme, HIIT-style training raises your heart rate by alternating brief periods of intense exercise with rest periods. The Cardio system is continuously intensively working, which may cause weight loss.

Additional anabolic hormones

When you exercise until you get exhausted, a condition called metabolic overload occurs, which depletes the energy reserves in muscle cells. Growth (HGH) hormone and insulin-like (IGF) growth factor are 2 hormones which support muscle development and tissue regeneration, and are produced as a result. The role of HGH to repair protein damaged by exercise is supported by insulin-like growth factor, which is recognised for promoting the synthesis of muscle proteins for the development of muscle.

Increases a strength endurance and builds muscles

EMOM workouts can help to acquire a lot of strength and muscle endurance. This is partially because of the intense training and brief rest periods, which frequently lead to an enhanced hormone secretion to the working muscle region.

Increases overall performance

Your capacity to execute at a greater volume when training with longer rest time grows when you do a high volume and little rest time. As a result, this will also improve muscle endurance and total cardiovascular output, as was already mentioned.

Emom weightlifting exercises

EMOM workouts with bar can be done in a variety of ways, using a wide range of exercises and styles.

Emom exercises are done with a barbell so that you may add weight and improve power and strength as well. They are meant to test technique as well as endurance.

When it comes to adding heavy loads of weight, barbells are the exceptional instrument. A barbell is the best tool for really heavy weights. Olympic weightlifting is a significant component of Fubctional Fitness, and improving all areas of your athleticism is the best way to improve as an individual.

Emom weightlifting program enhance not only conditioning but also power, strength and skills because of the shorter recovery breaks. It's crucial to remember that the time between sets is vital. If it takes you a full minute to do a rep, then reduce the weight or do fewer reps. 

When programming for cardio, emom barbell workouts may be extended longer, and when programming for strength, you can use heavier weights.

Deadlift emom

Touch and go deadlifts is commonly referred to as deadlift cheating. A bouncing pull (deadlift) is one in which the lifter aggressively bounces the barbell plates off the ground to begin the subsequent rep after the lowering phase. Effectively, some of the movement range is removed by the bounce. A genuine touch-and-go deadlift is different. It entails tapping the plates against the ground and starting your next rep before fully stopping. Faster cycle rate is the clear benefit of this form of deadlift. Athletes in Functional Fitness utilize this method to shorten the duration of their sets during conditioning exercises or competitions. EMOM may be utilized effectively with touch-and-go deadlifts. By executing a lot of volume in a short amount of time, this training method enables you to keep workout quick.

Here is a deadlift emom simple example:


Session duration: 10 minutes

Intensity: 65% of deadlift 1 RM

Task - to perform 3 reps at the beginning of each minute.

That is 30 reps in 10 minutes.


You can combine in one EMOM deadlift and any body weight or speed-strength exercise as well.

Snatch emom

It is way more common to meet in EMOM WODs Power snatch variations rather than the full squat snatches. Usually, it is recommended to pick appropriate weight during warmup or the coach can give recommended loads, for example (95 lbs for male athletes / 65 lbs for females).

Also snatches can be combined with any body weight or speed-strength exercises in the same minute or can be alternated by odd and even minute.

Here is a snatch emom simple example:

Session duration:12 min

Intensity: 70% of Snatch 1 RM

Odd minute – SNATCH – 2 reps

Even minute - Snatch HIGH PULL – 4 reps

Power clean emom

Power clean is one of the most popular exercises not only in Olympic weightlifting and Functional Fitness, but in whole strength & conditioning style training. Most athletes in all sports use this drill to develop power, explosiveness and athleticism. Obvious that we can meet this exercise in huge amounts of EMOM training variations.

Here is a power clean emom simple example:

Session duration:14 min

Task - alternating between:

Power Cleans - 3 reps

Bar Muscle-ups - 3 reps